About Us

I started playing guitar at 15 after hearing the Beatles. I was very lucky to grow in the Ravenna, Kent Ohio area. I got to hear and watch some great guitarist. Joe Walsh, Phil Keaggy, Glenn Swartz and others, these fantastic musicians made a great impression on me and really pushed me forward to bust my butt on the instrument. I fell in love with BB King,Albert King,Freddy King and other great blues guitarist but I also discovered Wes Montgomery & Kenny Burrell. Once hearing these great guitarist I knew if I wanted to be a professional I'd need to learn music so I went to the master -Phil Rizzo. This remarkable man taught me more then I could possible explain here. Although not a guitarist Phil taught me the importance of mastering the fret board and then applying music theory to the instrument.

After studying with Phil I was excepted in the US Air Force  Band and was once again exposed to some great musicians. 5 years later I left the Air Force Jazz Band a much better and wiser musician. 

Once I returned to N.E. Ohio I hooked up with sax player Danny Mazzaco  and again was able to learn from a great musician. After 3 years of watching this great musician I went on my own. Playing everything from country to classic rock to blues and jazz. I also began singing ,writing,recording and entertaining. I'm now playing in my own Rock/Blues Band, Jazz Trio and solo.

In 1998 I recorded my first CD (My Past Is Present) the recording received high reviews in Blues Revue Magazine. In 2000 I recorded (Me And My Guitar) and again with given stellar reviews in Blues Revue. ( Great Guitar work and vocals) ,in 2002 I recorded Blues With A Touch of Jazz.. I feel this is my best recording. 

Over the years I've  backed many artist mostly jazz. In 2011 I recorded with the great vocalist Marie Jacobs (The Art Of The Duo) this recording has been getting great reviews in jazz circles in NY City and other major cities from jazz critics.

I've shared the stage with Kenny Neal, Roomful Of Blues, Joe Walsh, The Child's, Pirates Of The Mississippi, Charlie Daniels, Charlie Pride, O.C Smith,Marie Osmond, Sawyer Brown, Conway Twitty, and others.

I have a passion for singing. Ray Charles,Nat King Cole, Freddy King, EAric Clapton, JR. Parker,Lou Rawls are just a few of my favorites.

My unique ability to perform many different styles of music.Jazz,Blues,Rock, & country all blended together to make a very entertaining event your guest will be wanting to come back for more.. I've been playing and entertaining since 1970. 5 years of that time I had the honor to play and record with the US Air Force Band. During that time I gain great experience and knowledge. I've also have been on stage with-Room Full Of Blues,Kenny Neal,Charlie Daniels,Charlie Pride,Conway Twitty,Marie Osmond,Joe Walsh and others.. I've recorded 4 CD under my own name.My Past Is Present,Me & My Guitar,Sophisticated Chaos,Blues with a Touch of Jazz. 2 have had honorable mention in several music publication.

The Beatles where my first major influence. The Stones,Eric Clapton,BB King,Albert King,Freddie King,Wes Montgomery,Joe Pass,Kenny Burrell,  Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn are all major influences in my style. I've also been influence by Chet Atkins,Freddie Green (Count Basie) Brad Paisley,Lonnie Mack. Ray Charles,Nat King Cole,Merle Haggert -etc,etc,etc as you can see I have many influence..

Over the years I've had the pleasure to work with some of the finest musicians in NE Ohio,Wilbur Krebs,Roy King,Tim Graziano, Glenn Schaft,Glenn Davis,Maria Jacobs,Peggy Coyle,Brad Bolton,Marty Block,Jim Richley, Pat Wagner,Dominic Reto,etc,etc,etc,--I've also work with young up coming musicians,Andrew Grace, Paul Olson,Stephanie McMillian,Karie Fedor and others.